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 Techlink inc provides versatile and carefully-managed workforces in the following areas: Broadband Fulfillment Services, Fulfillment Support Services, Engineering & Construction Management, Fiber Restoration, Specialty Services, Information Technology Development and Use, OSP/ISP Construction & Engineering, Disaster Recovery, and Wireless Upgrades and Deployments, all designed to create an end-to-end experience for our clients. Creating an exceptional customer experience is the driving force behind our work.

Our Approach

When moving to a new business telecoms provider, it is important to ensure they provide a good balance between service and savings. Our independence allows us to scour the market for the most cost-effective solutions, rates and bundles, whilst undertaking a thorough audit of your existing telecoms costs.
All our telecoms consultants are trained and experienced when it comes to identifying every day savings, not just one-off billing errors. By working in partnership with MSO, our clients achieve significant cost control and enjoy savings that would be difficult to identify in-house.
We also help clients to use technology in smarter and more effective ways to help control their costs and boost workplace efficiencies.

About Techlink

Techlink is a dominant leader in developing and implementing solutions for MSO’s for fulfillment, post wires, special projects, and other technical labor needs. Our vast experience, industry knowledge, and superior management teams, align strategic direction and the business goals of MSO’s to provide a viable and valued solution exceeding industry standards. Simply, we are the Business Partner of choice.

Techlink Services

  • Hot Spot/Cable Modem Installation Services
  • Telephony Installations
  • Digital and Analog Video Installation Services
  • Underground Drop Installations
  • Directional Boring & Trenching
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