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How to Be a Cable Subcontractor

Updated: Mar 25


Many companies hire subcontractors to install and maintain hardware at each customer’s home. This is not just a job but a business opportunity. If you have the education and training to install cable television, Internet and telephone services, you can profit from this need. A strong background in construction and business will put you on the path to becoming a cable installation subcontractor. Your cable installation training starts with a solid mathematical background in high school.

Step 1 Obtain a high school diploma. A General Equivalency Diploma, or GED, also is acceptable, as long as you have a working knowledge of reading, writing and oral communication.

Step 2 Get a job helping a cable installation technician. Work for five years to become a qualified installer.

Step 3

Attend school while you work. Take electronics, business, public speaking and construction principles classes at a local community college or trade school. Earn an associate degree in any of those subjects to give your resume greater depth.

Step 4 Stay physically fit throughout your career. You must be able to perform heavy lifting and be comfortable climbing.

Step 5 Maintain a clean driving record. A driver’s license is your link to subcontracting work.

Step 6 Purchase tools, a van and a dedicated cell phone for use in your business. Secure your tools inside of your van so that you will have a fully stocked truck at every job.

Step 7 Obtain a business license from the county clerk’s office where you intend to work. Buy at least $100,000 worth of liability insurance to protect your business from civil litigation.

Step 8 Apply with a cable provider in the locality covered by your business license. Attend all training classes offered by the company in order to learn the proper protocol for every situation.

This contributed post is for informational purposes only. Please consult a business, financial and legal professional before making any decisions.


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